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1 entrepreneur, 2+ decades of experience, some failures, and 6 advices

“I started my entrepreneur journey in 2014-15 after working for corporates for 22 years. At that time, I did not have any product or services to offer. So, as I went into my thought process, and I asked myself what I enjoy doing the most”.

The answer Lokesh gave himself was “connecting with people”. So he started his journey as a coach and a trainer. However, it was not an easy journey, as most of the companies he approached asked for certifications. His motivation, that was making a difference in people’s lives, was just not enough for them.
Thus, he changed strategy by focusing on the subject he had spent his entire life as a corporate executive, which is managing and advising people about what to do with their money. “I decided to revisit companies and shared with them about why as an organization they need to help their people work towards financial wellness.”
Thanks to his experience, he was able to grab organizations’ attention. However, there was still no business deal, so he started to offer his services for free. “My objective was to showcase my work and get an entry into the organization, and it worked!”.

“I always believe that I am dealing with humans and as long as I am human with them, good things will happen.”

Apparently, a 22 years corporate life have provided Lokesh with a great experience, however, this is not necessarily enough when you change area and occupation, since it is still an unexplored area. Indeed, when we asked Lokesh some wisdom he learned during these last 4 years, he provided us with these 6 major advices:

  • “It’s lonely out there: suddenly your friends and industry colleagues may tend to shy away from you.
  • Move on your own: you got to look after yourself as no one else will.
  • Far is near and Near is far: behave well in your relationships since help come from unexpected quarters.
  • Find your motivation and keep reminding it to yourself. When you know “Why you are doing what you doing”, you are more committed and able to go through all kind of situations in your journey as an entrepreneur.
  • The mindset plays a key role. If one is not ready to fall & bounce back, till one achieves what one is set out for, then don’t even start. You have to expect to fail at various stages of the journey and only your mindset will sail you towards your goal. I failed miserably at various stages of my journey and am sure will continue to fail as I move forward. They make me rock solid.
  • Care your connections and stay away from negativity and negative people. Meeting successful people not only motivate you but also their wealth of experience helps you a lot. They have been there before you.”

“As an entrepreneur, we have an idea which we are excited about. However, we do not know whether it will be successful or not. The journey is all about Trial and Error. What it means is that you will surely fail and it is ok to fail.”

According to Lokesh, failures in your journey are key to success. They can be seen as “steps closer to success”. Moreover, as the old saying states “necessity is the mother of all invention” and failure helps you innovate, being creative, find solutions and do things better. Indeed, in Lokesh experience, he was able to build a better objective driven partnership through failures.

“As an entrepreneur, we have an idea which we are excited about. However, we do not know whether it will be successful or not. The journey is all about Trial and Error. What it means is that you will surely fail and it is ok to fail.” The good news is that the entrepreneur ecosystem starts understanding that failure is part of the journey. On the other hand, you have to allow yourself to look and react positively to troubles and failures. As an example, in Lokesh’s first talk, the lead speaker could not come as suddenly his doctor advised him not to travel. At that time, Lokesh saw an opportunity in this “not so good news” and revealed himself as the naturally talented speaker and host he knew he could be.

Lokesh Nathany
Lokesh Nathany  

Lokesh comes from a small town in India. As a child, he was struggling to get the basic necessities of life. He had the dreams of studying in a big college, even though his journey as a student begins in a small local school. He was admitted to St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta. He started working full time at the age of 16 to be financially independent and support his family. No formal B School, used to be very shy in nature, poor in English, with no exposure to public speaking. After a while he was heading both India and Middle East markets for the company he worked for, he was regular on CNBC and Bloomberg UTV, and a speaker at TEDx. After a successful track record of over 22 years in leading financial services company, Lokesh is now working towards DiSRUPPting peoples’ life and work to bring “Change” for a better tomorrow. He has conducted workshops and given talks on various subjects like – How to make your money work, My Life My Dreams, Celebrate Failure, Commitment, Communication, Motivation, Networking, Interpersonal skills, Entrepreneurship, Customer service, and Business etiquettes. He believes in creating customized need-based solutions. He loves to host programs and events.

Article by the FAIL! team