Events MIT Fall

FAIL! MIT Fall 2019

  October 18, 2019
  Boston, MA, USA


FAIL! MIT Spring 2019

  April 3, 2019
  Boston, MA, USA

Events MIT Fall

FAIL! MIT Fall 2018

  November 7, 2018
  Boston, MA, USA





FAIL! happens to everyone

Our world has become a very competitive place. People often suffer from external judgment and unhelpfully high expectations: undergrad students trying not to fail their classes, grad students suffering from the pressure of publishing in the best journals, startups dealing with the unforgiving face of the entrepreneurial world. We need to deliver a message, that a FAIL! can happen to anyone, anywhere; to our bosses, to our PIs, and to ourselves!

FAIL! and carry on

We want to understand how to make the best of failures, how to manage and overcome them. A principal goal of our event is to change the culture in companies, universities, and society in general by creating a more understanding and accepting environment towards failures. We believe this is especially powerful by giving high profile individuals, such as experts, CEO’s or professors the opportunity to get on a platform to talk about their personal failures, societal failures, and collective failures and how they learned from them.

Always keep in mind that a FAIL! can happen to everyone, even to the best among us.


Mariana Castells

You learn more when things go wrong than when they go right because you must think creatively.

Mariana Castells, MD, speaker at FAIL! MIT Spring 2018
Kirsty Bennett

In our life we don’t just conceal failure, we project success. Still, all people fail, including the geniuses.

Kirsty Bennett, event host at FAIL! MIT Spring/Fall 2018
Arthur Bahr

Happiness requires being gentle with your failures.

Arthur Bahr, speaker at FAIL! MIT Spring 2018
Nuno Loureiro

If you’re not failing all the time, you’re aiming too low.

Nuno F. Loureiro, speaker at FAIL! MIT Spring 2018
Daniel Jackson

The only real failure is the failure of not being yourself.

Daniel Jackson, speaker at FAIL! MIT Spring 2018


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